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Muscle Gauge 100% Pure Whey Protein Isolate:

The best tasting, cheapest pure whey protein isolate product on the market. Don't settle for whey protein blends when you can get pure isolate at these prices. 14 different flavors available.

2lbs - $17.99 | 5lbs - $31.99 | 10lbs - $59.99 | 25lbs - $124.99

whey2It’s time for another visitor question here on Protein Supplement Guide! Thanks to Robert Mendelton for sending us this question in:

“What is the best type of whey protein to build muscle mass? Whey protein isolate, whey protein blends, or whey protein concentrate?”

This is a good question, a question I hear and over and over, and read constantly on bodybuilding and fitness forums. The short answer is, all of them are the same. That’s right, cheaper whey protein concentrate has exactly the same muscle building potential as pure whey protein isolate.

Read the full post…

natural_oats_and_wheyIt’s called “Natural Oats and Whey” and is the newest whey protein (more info on whey protein here) product to hit Optimum Nutrition’s protein powder lineup. This is why I like Optimum, they design supplements that people want to use. When I saw this I immediately thought – what a good idea. This is not some gimmicky “gain 20lbs of muscle in 3 weeks” supplement, it’s natural, healthy, and can be used as a meal replacement or post workout drink for people looking to build muscle or lose weight. Read the full post…

Ever wonder what was a better protein source, whey or soy? Well, check this table out. I think this pretty much settles the whey vs. soy debate. I’ve always known that whey protein is the best form of protein available to us. I’ll also be posting a large comparison chart in a few weeks which will show whey protein vs pretty much every protein source there is! Keep an eye out for that one. Read the full post…

How handy would it be to have a whey protein powder that you can easily add to foods? Today I came across a new product from Optimum Nutrition called Any Whey. Any Whey is literally flavorless, and you can add it to practically any food!

I can’t believe someone hasn’t done this before! I love cooking, and it’s going to be awesome (when it arrives) to add some extra top quality protein to my foods. Some of the foods you could possible add Any Whey to are:

  1. Cookies
  2. Cakes
  3. Muffins
  4. Breakfast cereal
  5. Shakes and smoothies
  6. Omelets

I must say, I’m a little skeptical about just how flavorless this protein is going to be, but from reports from other who’ve tried it, it sounds promising!

So if you want to add extra protein to foods and drinks, give it a shot. Post some of your recipes or food ideas in the comments below.