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Your complete guide to using protein supplements.

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Why You Need Casein Protein

When you hear people talking about protein they’re usually referring to whey. Not surprising, whey protein is the ultimate protein source. Higher BV than all others, the fastest digesting, prefect amino acid profile. But what about casein protein?

I see casein protein playing a major role in building muscle. Whey protein is quick digesting, but that can also be its downfall. There are 2 times of the day where I would definitely choose casein over whey. They are:

  1. Before bed
  2. During the day (not after a workout)

These 2 times when casein rules. Why? Because of casein’s slower release into the body. Casein takes up to 7 hours to be fully absorbed by the body, that’s 7 hours of vital protein being delivered to muscles that are repairing after intense training sessions (yeah, you’re training intense right?!).

Casein is often referred to as night time protein, and it is. I have personally experienced more muscle and weight gains just by switching to casein at night times. Now, I would never take whey before bed.

The other time of the day I like to take casein is about 2 hours before my workout. For exactly the same reasons, I want that protein to be made available to my muscles during my workout. If I wanted to do this with whey, I’d have to take it right before I trained which would leave me feeling bloated.

So don’t write casein off, it has its place, and you can build more muscle taking it!

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  1. by austin, on March 27 2010 @ 10:32 am


    im 17. and am 76kg and 5 10. i play rugby and badly want to gain muscle to increase my weight but not risk my speed by gaining fat! i go to the gym alot and i am quite muscular and difined but i cant seem to have much gains in weight. i take maximuscle cyclone which is an all in one supplement and amnt seeing gains. what supplements would you recommend and at what times should i take them? thanks

  2. by Dominic, on April 21 2010 @ 4:55 am



    Always remember, working out is catabolic. In other words, working out is where you’re tearing down muscle fibers in order to rebuild them. It’s the rebuilding that will determine your gains more than anything. Gaining lean muscle mass takes time though and with a lower bodyfat percentage it can prove more difficult, however, it’s not impossible nor unfeesable. Make sure you’re taking in one gram to one and a half grams of protein per lb. body weight. For your goals, when you train in the gym make sure you’re bringing the weight down controlled and exploding up. The reason for this is that it will help ensure you’re hitting those fast twitch muscle fibers. Monitor your calories as well, they’re often overlooked when putting your focus on protein intake, but they’re just as important. There’s a lot more to be said, but this is a start. Supplements are just that – they’re supplementing your diet and training regiment. Once you get those in order, then worry about supplements. So eat clean, eat often, and train hard! Good luck!

  3. by Adrian farrell, on September 27 2010 @ 11:31 am


    hi i’m 24 and of thin/med build i am a bit confused as too
    which type of protein to take nd if i take d 100% whey cud i end up losing size instead of gaining i am takin mass xxl
    gainer nd just started takin the 100% whey protein {trec nutrition}since i started 4 mths ago ive put up 12lbs but that seems to be my limit

  4. by Pankaj, on October 27 2010 @ 12:46 pm


    m pankaj 19 year old and m just 40kg i want to increase my weight as fast as it possible, plzzz give me any advise .

  5. by Ashish, on November 17 2010 @ 12:21 am


    Hi sir im having ultimate nutritioun.100%whey.protein content 25g scoop.and having 12 boiled eggs white portion in two meal, My hight is 6.2″ and my weight is 81kg.i want to increase more muscle weight up to 85 to 89kg. And also suggeste me more naturel source of protein,thanks.

  6. by james, on February 7 2011 @ 2:50 pm


    hi im stumped at when i should take my protein shake.. i bought a container of elite whey protein & casein blend which has both fast and slow.. idk whether to take it directly before or after a workout or in the morning or during bed. plz help

  7. by zack, on February 21 2011 @ 4:08 pm


    The Cancer Casein Connection

    In fact, the connection between casein and cancer was so profound that the scientists could literally turn cancer growth on and off in the laboratory animals, like a light switch, simply by altering the level of casein protein in their diets. Interestingly, they also found that feeding the animals the same levels of plant based protein (gluten and soy) did not at all promote cancer growth.

    Next, Campbell was able to take his research into the real world. In the early 1980’s a joint effort was established between Cornell University, Oxford University and China’s health research laboratory. The researchers gathered data on 367 variables, across 65 counties in China and 6,500 adults. The research was conducted over a 10 year period and was funded by both the Chinese and the United States government.

  8. by nilesh lovanshi, on July 21 2011 @ 2:26 am


    my name is nilesh i am in 25 yrs old my weight is 85 kg and hight 6.3 inc i want 100 kg in 2 month give me adv

  9. by Phil, on October 26 2011 @ 6:35 pm


    I just want to mention something important regarding your weight, physic goal. No matter what it is, it is VERY important to visualize and practice the FEELING of what it would be like for you to attain and maintain your goal.

    Why is this so important? Because, in order to achieve and maintain a goal, you need to get in into your BELIEF system. In other words, you need to BELIEVE it, just as you believe your name, or where you were born. You need to make it SOLID and REAL to your psyche, and the way to do this is to practice FEELING what it would be like, to reach and be happily and peacefully maintaining your physical goal.

    Now, at first this might seem like ‘faking’ it, or pretending. That is usually how it starts, with any new goal. Don’t worry. If you keep practicing FEELING it, and keep imagining what it would be like to achieve and maintain what you want, your mind will gradually accept the idea, and this will TREMENDOUSLY help you to achieve it.

    Sure, do what else you need to do, exercise, eat right and get enough rest, etc., but don’t overlook this important part of it. Once your mind and body ‘believes’ what you want, you will more naturally attain it. This is scientific, and some of the world’s best trainers teach it.

  10. by Chuck, on April 28 2013 @ 9:35 am


    I need some advice. I am about 6 ft and weigh about 180. I have very little fat on me except my gut! I have tried lots of different things to get rid of it. I have even ran a marathon and still couldn’t get rid of the gut all together. I’m looking at going with a higher protein diet but don’t know where to even start. Any help is appreciated.

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